1) How are Montgomery Parks organized?  What is the relationship between Parks, the Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), and Montgomery County government?

M-NCPPC is a state chartered entity governed by Article 28 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.  Its jurisdiction includes both Montgomery County and Prince George’s County.  The governing board of the Montgomery County Parks and Planning departments is appointed by the County Executive and County Council.  The operating budget for Montgomery Parks, which includes personnel and maintenance functions, is determined by the County Council and reflects the overall County budget.  Funds for land acquisition and capital improvements come from other state and county sources.  The designation, stewardship, operation, and protection of park land is the responsibility of M-NCPPC, which is largely independent of elected officials and outside influences.

Approximately ten percent of the land in Montgomery County is park land.  Most of the parkland and park facilities in Montgomery county are owned by M-NCPPC or where the park land is owned by Montgomery County it is managed by M-NCPPC through a longstanding legal agreement.

2) Why is a Parks Foundation needed?

Montgomery County is widely recognized as having one of the best public park systems in the United States.

A long-standing backlog of deferred maintenance of parks facilities underscore the need for funding from sources other than tax-based County budgets.  The Parks Foundation exists to obtain funding from sources other than taxes for the operation, maintenance, improvement and expansion of Montgomery County’s parks.

3) How is the Montgomery County Parks Foundation managed?

The Montgomery County Parks Foundation is an independent nonprofit, tax exempt legal entity. The Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community and business leaders with an interest in preserving and improving Montgomery County’s parks. The board provides the Foundation with leadership, support and oversight of its activities and finances. Board members also participate directly in fundraising activities.

The Parks Foundation is a registered charity with the Maryland Secretary of State and is listed in the Maryland Charities Database. The Montgomery Parks Foundation is also listed as being in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. The Foundation is also listed in Guidestar, the on-line database for prospective donors.

4) How does the Montgomery County Parks Foundation interact with Montgomery Parks/M-NCPPC?

The Parks Foundation is a support organization to Montgomery Parks. The Foundation does not operate park facilities or programs. Funds raised by the Foundation are transferred to the Parks, where specialized staff acquire parkland, build and maintain park facilities, and deliver services to the public.

5) Does the Parks Foundation grant money to citizen groups interested in improving a park?

No. The Park Foundation is not a granting organization.

6) Do you have a question that is not on this list?

Email info@montgomeryparksfoundation.org
Thanks for your interest in supporting our parks!