Montgomery Parks has the responsibility of providing safe, sustainable, and stable hard and natural surface trails to a diverse population of approximately one million residents. The trails connect historical landmarks and routes, unique habitats and beautiful views, and you! A survey of county residents demonstrated that trails are the single most important park/recreational amenity to residents.  Visitors use trails to enjoy nature, improve fitness or as alternate transportation routes. The higher the user volume of the trails, the more restoration work is needed. Based on a survey, it is estimated that the 130 miles of natural surface trails in the Montgomery Parks’ system are visited approximately 11,288,000 times each year.

Because of the vast amount of park land and streams in Montgomery County, Montgomery Parks relies primarily on volunteers to perform routine inspections and maintenance on natural surface trails.  Volunteers are an essential part of the of the natural resources maintenance strategy, however this does not allow Montgomery Parks to focus on identified priority areas in need of restoration work.  In order to address user impact issues and improve user safety and environmental stability in these high priority areas, your help is needed!   Click here to support trails in Montgomery Parks!