SEED Classroom at Black Hill

Phipps SEED

Black Hill Nature Programs serves the local community with a variety of interpretative and recreational programming that focuses on environmental stewardship and local natural history. But with very limited space, programming efforts are hindered and interested participants are turned away. A SEED (Sustainable Education Every Day) classroom is an affordable, sustainable solution that would allow the Black Hill Nature Center staff to provide more programming and recreational opportunities for local families and children.

A SEED classroom is a sustainable, net-zero energy, net-zero water, non-toxic, modular learning space built to the Living Building Challenge standards. Naturalist staff will be able to incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum into programming based on the functions of the classroom. Acting as a learning portal, students will have the opportunity to monitor water usage, track energy consumption, and gain knowledge of the water cycle. The structure is much more than a mere building, it will have the power to educate and inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle that has a low impact on the environment!

The addition of a SEED classroom will meet our certification as a Maryland Green Center, which requires that we implement best management practices and promote environmental literacy. Part of being a Green Center involves demonstrating best management practices such as green buildings and energy efficiency.

A site that used to serve as the old Maintenance Lot for Black Hill Regional Park has been selected for the SEED classroom. The site location
was an intentional choice as it will be built on an unused lot and turn much of it into green, useable space. Reclaiming this area will not only create more green space, but it will allow for the instituting of more sustainable practices. The ability to provide Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences will be increased because of the classroom’s proximity to Black Hill Regional Park’s lake, creeks, and streams at this site. Click here to make a donation and help bring a SEED classroom to Black Hill Regional Park!