What do people have to say about the Montgomery Parks Foundation?

“It was my husband’s idea to place a bench in our neighboring park in memory of our son Derek who passed away in 2011. He wanted a place where he could sit to reflect about our son’s life while watching the sun set over a beautiful landscape. I thought it would be nice to support the Montgomery Parks Foundation because all of our three children have grown up spending time on the train at Wheaton Regional Park, the playground at Cabin John, and the soccer fields at Meadowbrook Park. The beauty of this simple bench was a real surprise to me- friends have reached out to us with kind texts and emails while sitting on the bench; I have enjoyed seeing sports equipment strewn over it after some team’s practice, a young couple sharing an early morning breakfast as they sit, a babysitter resting with her bags, toddlers jumping off of it, or an elderly woman seeking shade on a summer day. It has become a live outdoor sculpture, always changing. Even when empty, I look at the bench from a distance and think about our son who was happiest outdoors among the trees. Thank you Montgomery Parks Foundation!” 

 Marie Park, Derek Park Memorial Field at Meadowbrook Local Park, Tribute Bench at Norwood Park

“The Montgomery Parks Foundation has brought new energy and creativity to our fundraising and outreach efforts, and has gotten great response from the many county residents who love our parks. I look forward to watching the upward trend continue!”

Francoise M. Carrier, Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board and and Vice-Chair, Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission

“Partnering with the Montgomery Parks Foundation to refurbish the Takoma Piney neighborhood park where I grew up was a dream come true. Their willingness to provide the necessary resources matched with the donation from The Steve Francis Foundationhas provided a safe, clean place for our community, and more importantly a place for our youth to play outdoors. I look forward to seeing similar partnerships breathe life into other parks throughout Montgomery County.”

Steve Francis, Former NBA-All Star and Takoma Park native

“The Montgomery Parks Foundation is a great way to support the parks you love!”

Mary Bradford, Director of Parks, M-NC PPC Montgomery Parks

“The Foundation has provided true leverage to the County budget and beauty to our park by convening staff people from the Department of Parks, area Weed Warrior volunteers, and donors to solve specific challenges in restoring our park to its native beauty. The near term results and the long term implications for our next generation of residents are gratifying.”

Celia Martin, Little Falls Watershed Alliance Weed Warrior

“The Montgomery Parks Foundation is essential to ensuring our county park system will remain the nation’s best. With 35,000 acres, over 400 local parks, great regional, conservation, and recreational parks like Wheaton, Cabin John, Little Bennett, Martin Luther King, South Germantown, Woodstock, and Damascus. The spectacular Brookside Gardens, hundreds of miles of trails and more, the system is now mature. After almost 90 years of expansion, increasingly scarce public resources will have to be devoted to management and maintenance. Enhancement of park facilities, protection of some of the county’s most important historic sites located in parks, and major new facilities will be more dependent on private donations. In partnership with the MNCPPC’s and its Montgomery County Parks Department, the Foundation provides the way for all who love our parks to help as Friends of the Parks and donors to support special projects like Josiah Henson Park, the plantation from which Henson escaped slavery and inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

Royce Hanson, Former Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board, Current Member of the Board of Trustees, Montgomery Parks Foundation

 “As our communities grow more densely populated, investing in our parks becomes one of the most important ways to protect our quality of life. The Montgomery Parks Foundation provides a way for us to enhance and restore these local treasures.”

Seth Goldman, Co-founder and TeaEO of Honest Tea